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The Do’s And Don’ts For Pet Memorials

The Do’s and Don’ts for Pet Memorials

Saying goodbye to our dear pets can sometimes get painful, and only a good memorial service seems like a worthy payback for the love we received from them. Holding a memorial service for your dear pet is a very sweet and emotional way to express your gratitude towards them. There are hundreds of different ways of saying goodbye to your pets and you can always think of a new one. While keeping things positive and especially dedicated to your beloved pet, we have listed down some of the do’s and don’ts while you plan your memorial.

The Do’s

Plan on time

Plan your memorial service on time. Keeping the things planned ahead of time will give you time to spend the last moments with your pet as well as feel freely for your loss. You do not have to worry about the arrangements when you are not in an emotional state to do so.

Let your family know

Many believe their pets as their family members. If you consider your pet as your family member, then you should let all your family members know about the loss so they can join the griefing and share your pain.

Respect opinions

Not everyone may feel as bad as you do about your pet, but they will have their way of sharing their grief. There are several ways of showing emotions, and you should not question anyone for feeling the same as you.

Allow other pets

To say goodbye. It is a moment of farewell and let the other pets join the ceremony. Animals grieve too, and they will share the pain with you when they see one of their friends pass away.

Consider homemade ideas

Think of creating a special homemade memorial for your pet with memory boxes, scrapbooks, or sculptures. You can take your time to remember the times you spent with your pet while you make a memorial at home.

The Don’ts

Don’t get another pet

Take your time to feel for your loss. Buying a pet instantly will not help in easing your pain, and you might not even be able to give enough attention to your new pet. Take a break and let yourself heal. Get a new pet only when your heart feels for it.

Don’t pollute the environment

Keep your memorial service ecofriendly. If you are around a lake, avoid using floating lanterns, and any foreign materials as it can damage the aquatic life. Hold a natural service.

Don’t hurry up

Take your time at the memorial service. Do not rush with the burial service as the grave can get disturbed too easily and can later not look that good in your future visits. Make sure that you leave with a proper burial service and a clean surrounding.

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